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We believe every customer has to come first. It has been our mantra; ever since the very first day, we began operations just over 11 years ago. It wasn’t long before we started advertising for another mobile mechanic, and then another, and another.
Without excellent customer service, we find everything else is of little importance apart from making sure your vehicle is back on the road fast with the help of our mobile mechanic.
We have a team of mechanics who are all highly skilled. Each one dedicated to making sure every motorist in Los Angeles, California,  is out of harm’s way and never has to wait longer than is necessary.

When we say no job is too large or too small, we extend this to every make and model of vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you have a classic Beetle that has cooling issues, or you are heading off in your RV for a vacation, and you have an air conditioning fault.

Each mobile mechanic from Mechanical KW, Los Angeles, California, are well versed on every make and model of vehicle.

While many companies have a fleet of technicians, we are sure to put every mobile mechanic; we employ through rigorous checks to be sure they are trustworthy. All are of the highest caliber, polite, and highly professional.
A mobile mechanic will meet many challenges throughout the day, and because we operate 24/7, 365 days per year, we never know what time motorists are going to call. No matter if, your vehicle is at home, on the side of the road, or your place of work. You will see our mechanics arrive promptly.
Going that extra mile, we expanded our range of services and coverage with another mobile mechanic to cover much more than mere roadside breakdowns. While vehicle breakdowns do account for most calls from motorists who find they are stranded.
We have a large number of customers who come back for maintenance and inspections. Mechanical KW are proud to be the number 1 experts in Los Angeles, California strive to deliver the best in customer service, mobile mechanic reputation, and build on the 3440+ satisfied customers we have tended to over the past 11 years.

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Maintenance Tune-Ups

You have a duty to your vehicle, and that is routine maintenance. Why struggle when you can schedule a mobile mechanic from Mechanical KW.

A mobile mechanic from us can perform your engine tune-up at any time you find agreeable. A mobile mechanic will deal with the following to turn a vehicle from sluggish to efficient and speedy.

Ignition Systems: Ignition systems cause the most issues. A mobile mechanic we send may need to perform engine diagnostics.

Plugs and Distributor Cap: Spark plugs are a routine swap, and easy issue to remedy as a mobile mechanic can spot this with being vigilant. A mobile mechanic will be diligent. Such problems with a distributor cap are like spark plugs.

Ignition Wires: Wires dry and crack over time, and lose connections. Our vehicle technicians perform systematic searches.

Air and Oil Filters: Filters are there to keep engines clean. A mobile mechanic will check which is dirty.  A quick exchange is all it takes. Oil filters take more time, yet we can change these and leave your home clean and dispose of the old oil.

​Fluids: A change or top-up of fluids can keep your car running correctly.

Battery: A dead battery can be a quick fix or needs a change. Either way, all a mobile mechanic needs is the vehicle model, and year, so he can source a replacement.

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General Vehicle Repairs

Here are more of the general repairs a mobile mechanic of ours will undertake regularly.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Recharge
AC can be vital in your vehicle. If it fails, you need a mobile mechanic in Los Angeles. A mechanics can deal with broken switches, compressors, vacuum leaks to charge tests and re-charging your AC unit.

Brake Replacement
Brakes on a vehicle are vital. If you see the warning light on your dash, now is the time to inform us to send a mobile mechanic. He will change breaks and test them. A mobile mechanic from us won’t let a customer drive an unsafe car, as every mobile mechanic is trustworthy.

Radiator Repair
Cooling system failures cause the most breakdowns on the road. When checking, leaks can be easy or nearly impossible to spot, so our mobile mechanic will be focused.

Car Diagnostic
New vehicles come with onboard computers. A mobile mechanic has a vehicle from KW mechanical packed full of vehicle diagnostic equipment for a service that is fast and efficient.

Starter Replacement
A vehicle that won’t start can be a massive headache. Once we send a mobile mechanic, he can determine the issues and have the starter changed within a matter of minutes.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection
Use a mobile mechanic who is trustworthy. You won’t want to purchase a new vehicle without the best advice possible. Every pre-purchase inspection we perform, we do as if it was a purchase of our own.

Other Repairs

Any mobile mechanic in Los Angeles and Los Angeles, Little Tokyo, Bunker Hill, Naud Junction, New Chinatown, Downtown, Aliso Village, Mission Junction, Taylor Junction, Angelino Heights, will tell you how complicated a vehicle is. The repairs here are the tip of the iceberg, and some of these fixes are the simplest. However, a mobile mechanic can find things very different.
Once a mobile mechanic looks at your clutch and transmission, then your vehicle may be off the road for most of the day. Luckily, they can deal with such issues at your desired location; as if it were a brick and mortar garage, they were located.

Luckily, all the mobile mechanic employees we have can deal with manual transmission or automatic transmission; because these are areas, they are highly experienced.
Belts on vehicles can be tricky. You find some operate water and fuel pumps and these while a pain, if they fail, are nothing compared to your timing belt, which is a significant issue.
If you see your timing belt break, we recommend pulling over and not driving another inch as you can damage your engine to the extent it is irreparable.

Regardless of what needs doing on your vehicle, be it repairs or servicing. All the staff and every mobile mechanic from Mechanical KW are proud to be of service, no matter what time of day you need us, or whatever your location.
Without very appreciative customers. We could not build up a team of 14 vehicle technicians, who between them have serviced and repaired 12,360 vehicles.

We would have nothing, and to every one of the 3440+ customers who entrust their custom and their vehicles, to a mobile mechanic, we are eternally grateful.